The Organizers

The core of the Sichelwald-Orga is Carsten & Ina Pleines, Oliver Rehm und Monika Überla, plus a number of additional members, depending on the event that is currently being managed (see below). We have been organizing small to medium LARP events since 2005 (although they keep growing), mainly in fantasy settings. When we started, we had our own little fantasy based twilight-zone called "Sichelwald". By now we have helped out at several Mythodea based LARPs and have already organized one Siedler-Con Gales Morgan II - Konzil der Waffenmeister (synod of the weapon-masters in 2016). We work exclusively on an non-profit basis.


Ina Elena Pleines - financial stuff
Born 1978, Projectmanager, RPGs since 23 years, LARP since 18 years, reenactmnent seit 22 years, 2 children, married to:
Carsten Pleines - reality-check
Born 1975, insurance salesmanager, RPGs since 25 years, LARP since 19 years, reenactment since 16 years, all else as above ;)
Oliver Rehm - webpage contents
Born 1970, IT-Trainer, RPGs since 32 years, Larp since 20 years, reenactment since 16 years, Deam-SL at CoM '08, married to:
Monika Überla - culinary delights & ambience
Born 1963, chef, confectioner, and event manager, RPGs since 18 years, LARP since 18 years, reenactment since 17 years, married, 2 children, 2 grandchildren
Sarah Frohnmayer - horse stuff & location
Born 1985, farmer with horse husbandry, RPGs since19 years, LARP 1 year, reenactment since 15 years, historical horse tournaments since 6 years, unmarried, 10 horses, 3 dogs


Additional Organizational Work

René Höpfner - merchant
Born 1972, designer and creator of LARP weaponry, RPG since 29 years, LARP since 15 years, reenactment since 5 years, single, 2 dogs


Angela ...


Hendrik Zeimer
Born 1984, philosopher, RPGs since 19 years, LARP since 2 years, reenactment for 8 years


Our special thanks to:

Gary E. Heinstrom for translations to English, proof-reading, combat training and his stories from America

Ch. Dietze for translations to French

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