The World of Mythodea has been used for over ten years as the backdrop for the events of “ConQuest of Mythodea” and “Jenseits der Siegel” and now for more than one hundred smaller live roleplaying events. During this time Mythodea has developed into a wonderfully complex and fascinating LARP world. Anyone who wishes to delve deeper can go to the Public Library which includes many (German only) IT/IC Texts.

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A short overview:

1. In the beginning there were four elements and their joining force, magic. There were also the beings known as the Ancient Rulers that had the power of the gods to create life and mold the world to their wishes.

2. At one point, some of the Ancient Rulers decided to surpass the bounds that they had been given by the elements and avatars. They could no longer bear to be held down in their creativity.

3. Led by the Primordial Sceptics, these renegades took essence of the original Elements and forged them into the Forsaken Elements: Back Ice from fire, Absolute Void from air, Oily Pestilence from water, and Undead Flesh from earth.

4. Soon after, the Primordial Sceptics fled to Mirror World and war broke out between their disciples (the Forsaken) and their opposition (those that adhered to the Elements). The war lasted for hundreds of years and laid Mitraspera, as Mythodea was called in those olden times, to waste.

5. In a frantic rage the Elements themselves threw all their might against their enemies and unleashed the Worldfire. All living things that had been part of the conflict were annihilated and the face of the world was changed forever.

6. The Worldfire ended the war and the four Forsaken Elements. Together with their Rulers the Forsaken were incarcerated below mighty seals which also bound the land itself so it had time to heal.

7. The last two Rulers that were still faithful to the Elements were cast out from Mythodea and it was prophesied that one day they, or their heirs, would return when the land was ready again to be filled with life.

8. The prophesied time came when the heirs, oblivious to their own past and the heritage that was awaiting them, came back as explorers and conquerors. During the following ten years they reclaimed and settled the land of Mythodea but also rekindled the old conflict with the Forsaken.

9. During the battle for the fifth and final seal, which guarded the hideaway of the Primordial Sceptics, Paolo Armatio (who had originally rediscovered Mythodea) and his eternal antagonist Fileas Strongbow (also known as Argus) were both killed. But at the same time the old prophecy had been fulfilled: the return of the heirs of the Ancient Rulers.

10. So ended the third age in which the heirs of those that had been banned returned and faced the creation of their forefathers. If they will repeat the mistakes of the past or if they will lead Mythodea into a bright and shiny future is yet to be determined.

The regions of Mythodea:

The Northern Seal

The Eastern Seal

The Western Seal

The Southern Seal

The Empire of Roses

The Freienmark


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